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 Title of the resource : Web marketing & co'm : communication interactive et bien plus.
 Type of resource : Training program, Learning tools
Innovation-Key points : The proposed content is complete and innovative: proposal of job offers, choice of training in virtual classes with gamification and replay of courses and entry into a community of learners.
Format : Website
Tools and methods : online platform / blog
Targeted audiences/ Targets : beginners or confirmed, entrepreneurs or employees, accessible to people with disabilities. People wishing to work in web marketing or wishing to optimize their knowledge/skills in digital communication.
Source/URL : https://www.webmarketing-com.com/
Sitography and/or bibliography : https://www.webmarketing-com.com/

Prerequisite/ Material needed : computer ( web cam for trainings )
Language(s) available : French

 General Description :

It is a platform bringing together a large number of information and tools relating to learning the professions of web communication. In particular, it offers online training, job offers, articles, a newsletter, a resource search engine (books, training, practical digital tools) other informative content

Links with IO4 recommendations :

The recommendations highlighted the need for distance training during which everyone could learn at their own pace, this is what this platform offers. The content is also offered by professionals in the web marketing and web communication professions. The online community and the blog aimss to facilitate the skills transfert between professionals and learners.