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23 February 2021

The Taactic project first Newsletter

The Taactic project first Newsletter is available, to learn more about the project, its progress and the next steps. Don’t hesitate to download it following this […]
20 April 2020

The flyer TAACTIC is born !

We are deligthed to announce to all of you the publication of our flyer, detailling goals, objectives, and essential information about the project. Don’t hesitate to […]
2 December 2019

Official launch of TAACTIC project

Our project held its official launch in Brussels in the office of our Belgian partner Coordination AID on 26 and 27 November 2019 . This meeting […]

TAACTIC project partners


A Idées Formation


Consorzio di cooperative sociali EVT

Fundación Esplai

AID - Actions Intégrées de Développement