07 – Data officer/Technician (Basic) – Course for technician in data base management – Techniques for managing and analysing Big Data, machine learning and deep learning.
20 September 2022
02 – Computer repairer – Course for computer Operator
21 September 2022

Data officer/Technician (Basic)

 Title of the resource : Hackathon
 Type of resource : Learning tools
Innovation-Key points : "Innovation in business model
Product, service or usage innovation"
Format : Website
Tools and methods : "Teamwork on site learning
Worksite pedagogy
Peer learning"
Targeted audiences/ Targets : people with diploma in the computer sector
Source/URL : https://www.agi.it/innovazione/hackaton_hack_developers_vincitori-2231035/news/2017-10-09/
Sitography and/or bibliography : https://www.agi.it/innovazione/hackaton_hack_developers_vincitori-2231035/news/2017-10-09/

Prerequisite/ Material needed : diploma
Language(s) available : Italian

 General Description :

The site itself describes a hackathon practice in the software and IT sector. It is a good practice concerning a methodology strongly focused on transversal competences and able to create learning opportunities in a real and not simulated context in contact with companies and professionals.

Links with IO4 recommendations :

· Integrate a stronger link with employers to identify the needs of companies as accurately as possible.
· Integrate significant training time in the ""field"", in a work situation.
· Plan to involve a large number of professionals in the field, to facilitate the transfer of know-how by peers.
· To work on softskills throughout the training course by means of professional situations but also by means of teaching activities inspired by project-based teaching or teaching by objectives. Through the implementation of a project, the trainees or learners are led to implement various faculties and transversal skills in a professional situation: entrepreneurial spirit, sense of organisation, rigour, search for the right information and resources, sense of teamwork, not to mention
the exploitation of a hitherto unsuspected potential which favours self-confidence and self-esteem."