16 – Digital mediator – PMTIC – Problem solving and challenges.
15 June 2022
14 – Digital mediator – Train the trainers – Digital Helping Hand
24 August 2022

Digital Mediator

 Title of the resource : How to make training hybridisation a success?

 Type of resource : General resources in the field of educational innovation

Innovation-Key points : Product, service or usage innovation

Format : Website, Document (Pdf...)

Tools and methods : See description.

Targeted audiences/ Targets : Trainers, digital mediators


Sitography and/or bibliography : www.formaform.be

Prerequisite/ Material needed : PDF reader

Language(s) available : French

 General Description :

In the current context, it is impossible not to talk about the hybridization of learning. Thus, the "AID" community, of which our center A Idées formation is a part, has been sensitized and trained to this issue through Formaform. The document presents the recent issues of hybridization and the ways to succeed in a process based on this method. The advantages of face-to-face and distance learning, the importance of game-based learning, and examples of resources are presented. The document also discusses important concepts to consider such as assertiveness, group management and individuality in this type of learning.

Links with IO4 recommendations :

• Integrate a stronger link with employers to identify the needs of companies as accurately as possible.

• Integrate distance learning for certain professions (e.g. web professions).

• Integrate significant training time in the "field", in a work situation.

• Plan to involve a large number of professionals in the field, to facilitate the transfer of know-how by peers

• Participate in the popularisation of disciplines

• Promoting the gamification of learning

• Increasing the accessibility of training via e-learning