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20 September 2022
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15 June 2022

Web Designer

 Title of the resource : Digital UX Designer, a job of the future

 Type of resource : Competency Framework, Studies

Innovation-Key points : Prospective analysis on the digital UX designer profession

Format : Book/Handbook/Guide, Document (Pdf...)

Tools and methods : N/A
Targeted audiences/ Targets : Training providers, orientation/guidance services, employers, professionnals

Source/URL : Document
Sitography and/or bibliography : Le Forem

Prerequisite/ Material needed : Nothing

Language(s) available : French

 General Description :

This analysis by Forem (the public employment agency in Wallonia) describes the skills needed for the job of UX Designer. In addition, it presents the future evolution of the profession, and what will be required in the future on the job market in terms of UX designer profiles.

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