70 – Technical and Commercial support (Call center, Helpdesk….) – Phone-Based Customer Service
24 August 2022

Technical and Commercial support (Call center, Helpdesk....)

 Title of the resource : Customer Service: Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

 Type of resource : Training program, Course material

Innovation-Key points : MOOC format, practical contents and activites oriented towards end user, including p2p collaboration and real situations in ICT support and customer attention.

Format : MOOC
Tools and methods : Practical methodology with knowledge tests, videos, reading contents, forums discussion.

Targeted audiences/ Targets : Anyone interested on make a career on ICT technical and customer support

Source/URL : Source
Sitography and/or bibliography : Source

Prerequisite/ Material needed : nothing
Language(s) available : English

 General Description :

Customer service care costs organizations billions of dollars each year. As a result, it's critical that employees are equipped with the skills needed to handle a variety of different customer service problems. In this course, learn critical problem-solving and troubleshooting processes for common sense customer service in a wide variety of applications. Discover how to effectively deal with issues, while maintaining a positive relationship with your customers (and your own sanity). Plus, learn how to identify and resolve larger systemic issues within your company.

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This e-learning training course is based on real practice in the sector, it includes technical and transversal skills, troubleshooting contents, common problem-solving methodologies and customer service.