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24 August 2022
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24 August 2022

Digital Mediator

 Title of the resource : CF2000 - Training for Multimedia Animator

 Type of resource : Training courses

Innovation-Key points : Product, service or usage innovation

Format : Document (Pdf...), Website

Tools and methods : See description.

Targeted audiences/ Targets : Adults, soft skilled people


Sitography and/or bibliographywww.cf2m.be

Prerequisite/ Material needed : Nothing

Language(s) available : French

 General Description :

The CF2000 multimedia animator training is organized in the Brussels region. It is accessible to adults with a low level of education. Its assets lie in the fact that it combines both technical and pedagogical learning for the future animators. It also integrates distance learning and the realization of training periods.

A pre-training period is organized. Generally speaking, digital learning is done with the help of free and easily accessible software. Project management is an integral part of the training. These elements make it an interesting and innovative resource.

Links with IO4 recommendations :

• Integrate distance learning for certain professions (e.g. web professions).

• Organise a pre-training or discovery module before starting the actual vocational training. Discovering the various aspects of the profession, but also getting to know oneself and working on a professional project would be at the heart of the pre-training programme.

• Organise a modular type of training, in several stages, including a "discovery of the trade" stage coupled, if necessary, with a technical refresher course. At the end of this stage, the trainee-candidates concerned will have the possibility of continuing with the technical training envisaged if, following an assessment, they prove to have the technical capacity to continue with the training, on the one hand, and if they have reached their own conclusions as to their aptitude for the trade and their desire to practise it, on the other. It is also useful to check whether they are prepared to undertake a full training course to achieve this.

• To work on softskills throughout the training course by means of professional situations but also by means of teaching activities inspired by project-based teaching or teaching by objectives. Through the implementation of a project, the trainees or learners are led to implement various faculties and transversal skills in a professional situation: entrepreneurial spirit, sense of organisation, rigour, search for the right information and resources, sense of teamwork, not to mention the exploitation of a hitherto unsuspected potential which favours self-confidence and self-esteem.

• At the end of the course, to certify the technical and transversal learning outcomes via a final integrated test based on a professional situation as well as the continuous evaluation of the teaching team