15 – Digital mediator – How to make training hybridisation a success?
24 August 2022
12 – Digital mediator – CF2000 – Training for Multimedia Animator
24 August 2022

Digital Mediator

 Title of the resource : Train the trainers - Digital Helping Hand

 Type of resource : Learning tools

Innovation-Key points : Product, service or usage innovation

Format : Book/Handbook/Guide, Document (Pdf...)

Tools and methods : See description.

Targeted audiences/ Targets : Trainers


Sitography and/or bibliographywww.idclic.be

Prerequisite/ Material needed : Computer with internet connection

Language(s) available : French

 General Description :

The guide is a recent tool (2020) developed by Frédéric Wauters, trainer at A Idées formation and maintenance consultant at IDCLIC. The document aims to accompany the measure "Coup de Pouce Digital" set up in Wallonia. Indeed, the digital divide and the Covid-19 pandemic have led training centers and beneficiaries to quickly familiarize themselves with the possibilities of distance learning. IDCLIC became a partner of the measure by giving the possibility to the teams of trainers of the CISP centers to be accompanied and trained in basic computer skills. The goal is to be able, as a trainer, to accompany its trainees in the framework of a more autonomous and remote learning.

Links with IO4 recommendations :

• Integrate a stronger link with employers to identify the needs of companies as accurately as possible.

• Integrate distance learning for certain professions (e.g. web professions).

• Plan to involve a large number of professionals in the field, to facilitate the transfer of know-how by peers.

• Offer more regular training sessions.