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  Title of the resource : JobDirect social enterprise: Agency for Recruitment, Placement and Assistance for People with Disabilities
Type of the resource : job placement service
Innovation - Key points : service and tool innovation
Format : Website
Tools & methods : tutoring and counseling
Targeted audiences / Targets: Disabled persons
Link/URL : Source
Sitography and/or bibliography : Source
Prerequisite/ Material needed : nothing
Language(s) available : Romanian

General Description :

A service offering people with disabilities and companies a package of direct services of employment with a department for digital competences; 1. Social and professional integration in work integration social enterprises and on the labor market of people with disabilities for whom it is difficult to find a job;
2. Support for companies for recruiting, employing and maintaining people with disabilities at the workplace.
3. Digital possibility for recruitment and for announcing available workplace for people with disabilities on the platform https://www.jobdirect.ro/

METHODOLOGIES: Professional counseling and orientation;
• Testing their work capacity through the CASPER testing battery (a complex instrument for assessment of people with disabilities allowing the creation of an “occupational profile” and identifying the best suitable job);
• Testing with the CAS++ battery, a software for psychological testing, a computerized, offline product for psychological evaluation of adults, offering the possibility to be used for individualized evaluations, for staff selection or for career counseling; 

Links with IO4 recommendations :

service and tool innovation