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20 September 2022
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24 August 2022

Digital Mediator

 Title of the resource : PMTIC - Problem solving and challenges.
 Type of resource : Training courses, Learning tools
Innovation-Key points : Product, service or usage innovation
Format : Book/Handbook/Guide, Document (Pdf...), Website
Tools and methods : The guides are available to download on the official sites.
These are supports for e-learning.
Targeted audiences/ Targets : Unemployed people, trainers, digital mediators
Source/URL : www.pmtic.net
Sitography and/or bibliography : www.pmtic.net

Prerequisite/ Material needed : computer ( web cam for trainings )
Language(s) available : French

 General Description :

The PMTIC training, which lasts a maximum of 48 hours, aims to raise awareness and train jobseekers in information and communication technologies in order to facilitate their inclusion in the digital culture and promote their socio-professional integration.

The contents of the training units have been developed by the LabSET of the University of Liege. These online contents are designed to be used during face-to-face trainings, especially when they are organized by PMTIC approved training operators. Nevertheless, they are also freely available to anyone who wishes to use them, either privately or as part of a non-approved training course.
The innovation now lies in the addition of 2 modules related to basic digital skills, namely problem solving related to the use of the computer and the implementation of so-called transversal activities, called challenges.
The implementation of these 2 modules shows the importance of the DigComp reference system, which is gradually taking its place in the framework of the official training courses of the Walloon Region.
Moreover, the pedagogical sheets are still available for download to allow distance learning: they deal with the use of a computer, the creation of documents and the current means of communication.


Links with IO4 recommendations :

• Integrate a stronger link with employers to identify the needs of companies as accurately as possible.
• Integrate distance learning for certain professions (e.g. web professions).
• Plan to involve a large number of professionals in the field, to facilitate the transfer of know-how by peers.
• Promoting the gamification of learning
• Increasing the accessibility of training via e-learning platforms

• Checking the trainee's ability and determination to detect self-learning capacity
• A motivational interview and a placement test on basic digital skills + a personal file of the trainee candidate including the experience acquired in the targeted skill area and the feedback from the motivational interview.
• At the end of the course, to certify the technical and transversal learning outcomes via a final integrated test based on a professional situation as well as the continuous evaluation of the teaching team