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20 September 2022
28 – Web Development – Learn how to code with Python
22 August 2022

Web Development

 Title of the resource : BeCode, training centre

 Type of resource : Example of a professional training centre

Innovation-Key points : A leading and cutting-edge digital training centre that trains vulnerable jobseekers to digital trades

Format : Website

Tools and methods : N/A
Targeted audiences/ Targets : Training providers, job seekers

Source/URL : website
Sitography and/or bibliography : Plateforme FUN MOOC

Prerequisite/ Material needed : Nothing

Language(s) available : French

 General Description :

BeCode is an example of professional training centres for job seekers operating in Belgium. Is is a great example of what to do/how to work in the digital sector and bring our target public into the sector. Is is also a potential partner for training providers wishing to develop training programs and bridges between non-formal providers and the digital sector.

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