02 – Computer repairer – Course for computer Operator
21 September 2022
68 – Technical and Commercial support (Call center, Helpdesk….) – Customer Service Foundations
20 September 2022

Computer repairer

 Title of the resource : Pc, Tablet and SmartPhone Repair Technician Course
 Type of resource : Training courses
Innovation-Key points : Technological innovation
Product, service or usage innovation
Format : Video, Website
Tools and methods : "In person lectures
Video conferences
Use of the simulator
Interaction with teachers/trainers
work integration"
Targeted audiences/ Targets : General public
Source/URL : Link to the video: Link to the course:
Sitography and/or bibliography : https://www.istitutovolta.eu/

Prerequisite/ Material needed : nothing
Language(s) available : Italian

 General Description :

The resource is a course described by a website and by video in order to highlight a special feature of the methodology: the use of a simulator. The use of the simulator as a course methodology is an innovative aspect that allows personalised learning in terms of time and variety of use. Moreover, the possibility to attend the course by online facilitates the use of e-learning platforms.

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