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24 August 2022
09 – Network installation program – IFAPME Network administration training program
24 August 2022

Network installation program

 Title of the resource : Netacad - Cisco
 Type of resource : Training program
Innovation-Key points : World leader in Networking technology and devices creation.
Technological innovation. Product service of usage innovation.
Format : Website
Tools and methods : E-learning.
Targeted audiences/ Targets : Adults who wants to work in networking.
Source/URL : Netacad
Sitography and/or bibliography : Netacad

Prerequisite/ Material needed : Nothing
Language(s) available : English, French, Spanish

 General Description :

The Cisco Netacad is the training program created by Cisco. The word leader in Networking created his own training program to teach networking at high level. Give the opportunity be certificated at different levels of knowledge. Even if the certification is private, the worlwide aknowledgment guarantees the quality of the program.

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