64 – Digital mediator – Module 10. Telematic Procedures – facilitating access to e-services .Training curriculum for trainers of e-facilitators
24 August 2022
62 – Digital mediator – Module 8. Facilitating job seeking in the telecentre.Training curriculum for trainers of e-facilitators
24 August 2022

Digital Mediator

 Title of the resource : Module 9. Planning a digital literacy workshop .Training curriculum for trainers of e-facilitators

 Type of resource : Training program, Reference framework

Innovation-Key points : E-learning format, practical contents and activites oriented towards end user, including p2p collaboration and good practices sharing.

Format : Document (Pdf...)
Tools and methods : Digital contents review, forums for p2p work, personal evaluation, individual actitivities, group discussion.

Targeted audiences/ Targets : Trainers of e-facilitators

Source/URL : Document
Sitography and/or bibliography : www.trans-efacilitator.eu

Prerequisite/ Material needed : Nothing
Language(s) available : English

 General Description :

Training curriculum for trainers of e-facilitators divided on 11 modules working pedagogical, methodological, project sustainability, technical and transversal skills contents oriented to target groups.

Links with IO4 recommendations :

This training curriculum includes e-learning, is based on the experience of professionals in the sector, includes technical and transversal skills, very much aimed at digitally empowering the groups served in the digital competence centres, taking into account their specific characteristics.