70 – Technical and Commercial support (Call center, Helpdesk….) – Phone-Based Customer Service
24 August 2022
67 – Technical and Commercial support (Call center, Helpdesk….) – IT Service Desk: Customer Service Fundamentals
20 September 2022

Technical and Commercial support (Call center, Helpdesk....)

 Title of the resource : Writing Customer Service Emails

 Type of resource : Training program, Course material

Innovation-Key points : MOOC format, practical contents and activites oriented towards end user and real situations in ICT support and customer attention. Learn how to communicate effectively with customers and practice your problem-solving skills.

Format : MOOC
Tools and methods : Practical methodology with knowledge tests, videos, reading contents, forums discussion.

Targeted audiences/ Targets : Anyone interested on make a career on ICT technical and customer support

Source/URL : Source
Sitography and/or bibliography : Source

Prerequisite/ Material needed : nothing
Language(s) available : English

 General Description :

You can write to customers—via email—with consistency and professionalism, but you don't need to sound robotic to be efficient. Writing instructor Leslie O'Flahavan has real customer service emails she shares with you in this course, so you can see how to communicate with clarity and sincerity to help customers feel heard and ensure your responses provide the help they need. Leslie shares techniques customer service agents can apply that help build strong practices in a contact center and improve customer relations.

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This e-learning training course is based on real practice in the sector, it includes technical and transversal skills, troubleshooting contents, common problem-solving methodologies and customer service.