28 – Web Development – Learn how to code with Python
22 August 2022
26 – Web Development – Professional Certification: Web Designer and Project Manager
22 August 2022

Web Designer

 Title of the resource : Professional Certification: Web Designer

 Type of resource : Competency Framework, Reference framework

Innovation-Key points : Competence certification test for web developers and project managers

Format : Website

Tools and methods : N/A
Targeted audiences/ Targets : Learners, workers, training providers

Source/URL : Website
Sitography and/or bibliography : France Compétences

Prerequisite/ Material needed : Nothing

Language(s) available : French

 General Description :

This resource presents the content of a certification test for the Web Designer trade. As it stands, it can therefore also be used as a repository of skills to be attained at the end of a training course for the trade in question.

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