29 – Web Development – BeCode, training centre
22 August 2022
27 – Web Designer – Professional Certification: Web Designer
24 August 2022

Web Development

 Title of the resource : Learning how to code with Python

 Type of resource : Training courses, Learning tools

Innovation-Key points : Online resource providing certification on Python

Format : Video, Book/Handbook/Guide, Website, Practical activity

Tools and methods : MOOC
Targeted audiences/ Targets : Learners & General public

Source/URL : website
Sitography and/or bibliography : Plateforme FUN MOOC

Prerequisite/ Material needed : No prerequisites / Computer needed to follow the course

Language(s) available : French

Practical exercices associated with the MOOC : https://upylab.ulb.ac.be/pub/Projets_MOOC/Projets_Apprendre_a_coder_avec_python.pdf

 General Description :

A 15-week MOOC to learn programming on Python. This MOOC is organised by the Université Libre de Bruxelles via an online learning platform. It is useful for anyone who wants to learn to code in Python, but also for training operators who want to either train their staff or use the MOOC curriculum as inspiration for their training programme.

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